I’m too big to be respected.


Let’s play a fun game called “we’re just friends but I’d fuck you if you asked”


someone come do cute stuff with me like fuck me so hard i cant walk




Today is Hitler’s birthday, pot day, and zombie jesus day.
What a time to be alive.

420 praise it, mein Führer

420 praise it


It is impossible to dislike Jimmy Stewart

Anonymous asked: Q: favorite thin man movie and why?

Oh, Anon, I got sick and totally forgot about your interesting message!

I don’t really have to think too much about the answer: My favourite Thin Man movie is The Thin Man.


First of all, this very film brought this exquisite man into my life. When I first saw The Thin Man, back in April 2012, I was his with, Hello, Sugar! I think this would be enough to illustrate why this installment to the saga is my favourite, but let me carry on.

The humour. While each of the seven films is extremely witty, the quirky humour of the pre-code era is best visible in this one. I can quote those brilliant one liners in the middle of a night, seriously.

Then, it was the first classic film that showed me how amazing a marriage can be. Nick and Nora with their sassy exchanges, looks and physicality are to die for. What is the point in getting married if your marriage won’t be like the Charleses?

it’s also the film that I watch my ever birthday. A personal tradition. I love it.

So, yeah, The Thin Man is my ultimate one.

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i hate when i wear a skirt or dress somewhere and people ask me why i’m dressed so fancy like i don’t need an occasion to free my legs from the constraints of pants thank you very much



happy easter

you forgot the best one


t h e m e