I’m too big to be respected.

Happy Birthday Carole Lombard | October 6th, 1908 January 16th, 1942

Carole had a quality which is rare. You can count the women who have had it on the fingers of one hand. Carole, while doing the wild antics of a clown…could make you laugh, and yet at the same time make you want to go to bed with her.” | Desi Arnaz

We called her The Profane Angel because she looked like an angel but she swore like a sailor. She was the only woman I ever knew who could tell a dirty story without losing her femininity.” | Mitchell Leisen

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    If there’s ONE ACTRESS that made an impact on me, that I have always wanted to be, that I have strived to be, it’s my...
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    Yeep. She is so cute and sweet and funny and can be so silly and kinda dorky but yet so sexy and hot and just a total...
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